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One month after Nick Riedel’s successful  debut “Equinox” I See Tech Records gladly announces the release of his second ep “Ablepharia” Three classic Uplifting Trance tracks which is really difficult not to contain them in your next playlist or set  Imressive beats and basslines but above all and most important melody melody melody…Don’t believe us?..Find out your own

Ablepharia will be released on a digital download format on March 2nd  2018

Listen to Ablepharia


New artist sign up for our label!20 year old Laan Perera (Dj Jovine) joins our family!His debut ep will be released on Friday January 19th

We are glad to announce our collaboration with the talented producer Nick Riedel a 24 years old producer from Burscheid, a small town near Cologne, Germany. He is been involVing with Trance Music for twelve years, and music producing is an important part in his everyday life as it helped him getting through some tough times.He started to produce his own tracks since 2015 and his goal is to create good music, that people can enjoy.

Equinox is his debut ep release consisted of six own compositions which lead to classic 90's Trance.If you dig Real classic Trance tunes then Equinox is the prefect release for you.Grab it without second thought!

Equinox will come out on January 12th 2018 as a digital ep by I See Tech Records 

Alberto Garcia (Ormus)is a Producer/Dj from Spain. He is producing Electronic Music since 2005 under the firm Drugstore and Bayonne Music, he was also the co-owner of Cicuta Netlabel.His music has been released on Vinyl and Cd;s format but also digitally through Famous platforms like Beatport.

As a Dj he had the opportunity to be resident Dj in the Famous GROOVE DANCE cLUB ib Madrid in the Sonomascope Session and he has played in clubs like Fabrik, In Code Session having shared the decks with Regis, Surgeon, Takaki Ito, Go Iyama, Oscar Mulero, Preach, Ben Sims, Reeko, Christian Wunsch and Pepo.After his inspiration from Big Open air festivals like Ozora he decided to dedicate his creativity in the Psytrance Genre .

Something Different is Ormus latest release consist of 4 Excellent  tunes.If you want to take a trip in the colorful  forrests of your soul, if you want to keep dancing and trippin around,  then you should grab this Prog-Psytrance masterpiece.



  1. Tibetan Sound
  2. Euphoria
  3. Something Different
  4. Radionic Power


We are happy to announce the release of "The Dawning Of A New Era" compilation. It consists of sixteen tracks and it will be out on December 29th on a digital download format exclusively from Beatport!

It will be available for pre order on November 30th 2017


1 Denis Reukov – We Stay Alone

2. Drival – Shooting Star

3. Nestination – Jazzmen

4. N3O – Let The Crowd Begin

5. Marco Vander Graph – Up Above

6. Hatepens – Power

7. Denoiz – Don’t Smile Just Dance

8. Alche Beat – Whisper a Deep Sectret

9. Geo Vanakos – Forget The Reality

10. Mariloo – The Club

11. Titto – Manipulation Power

12. Sandvik Bros. – Sparks 

13. Vind – In The Wild

14. Christian B – Flashtorm

15. Leo Alex – Dreamland

16.Lyes – The Fate Of Empires


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