About Us

I See Tech Records is a record label located in Athens Grecce which specializes in almost all genres of Electronic music.

Its story begins in May 2016 when Chris Triantis, the guy / person behind the scene, felt it was time to start helping new and talented producers unveil their talent. We can completely understand how difficult it is for a musician to put his mark on the huge music industry map and we are here to do our best for all these new producers who have never stopped dreaming of success. Despite the fact that most of today’s sales in Electronic music are digital we love physical stuff; that’s why almost all of our releases also come out in physical formats like CD'S and vinyls.

All of out titles are distributed to ALL digital stores and ALL streaming services. After 10 years of experience in Physical products distribution, we have created a network of Record stores and on line stores selling I See Tech releases.
We are here to bring you the Bangers!!!

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