John Ricii is an Electronic Music Producer from Glasgow, United Kingdom, he has Joined music production College, and he has 

producing for 4 years with Fl Studio as preferred Choice of DAW.

Benny Beats, a self-taught Electronic music producer from Chennai,India. 

He found interest in EDM music during his High School days and

started his career as a bedroom producer.Later on, he signed his first track in 2017 with I See Tech Records.

TuszU (Marek Tuszyński) is a 23 years old producer from Gdynia in Poland. He started composing at age 8 when he got his first keyboard. At the age of 17 he decided to take music seriously. The biggest inspiration at the beginning of his career had on him Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. Hi create mainly progressive and electro house, but he also deals with house music and uplifting trance. His first song was officially released in December 2014.

His real name is Guillaume Hoffmann, "Gweeyom" was invented by a friend because he couldn't pronounce his first name, and he decided to use it to sign his tracks.


He was born in France in 1986 and he's  now living in Vancouver, Canada, working in the VFX industry.

He was first exposed to electronic music with the dance music of the 90s, as well as the Jean-Michel Jarre vinyls that his father had.

Later with Internet he discovered genres like techno and trance which he loved.He has started making music as a game with the "Dance Ejay" softwares in 1999, then upgraded to more serious DAWs until 2004 when he has stopped producing.

It's only last year that he decided to make music again, for no particular reason, except the pleasure of being creative.

He learned himself  all the new softwares and techniques, and now he's happy to have his debut release with I See Tech Records.

Martin Vosahlo is a Psytrance producer from Prague Czech Republic

Kent Rune Waldherr is a 28 year old Musician/Producer from Stavanger, Norway.In 2001 he started playing guitar in Punk and Metal bands.His firt attempts as electronic music producer started in 2008 while he used Ampleton to create Trance and House Music.He signed his first professional music contract with Duobox Records in 2016.

In 2017 he started producing Psytrance and Uplifting Trance under the name Musharna.

RMSTM is a producer from the cold mountains, in the East of France.

Denis Reukov Was born in Kursk (Russia), he has studied in a music school, violin and Piano. In the beginning of 2000 he starts listen to Trance Music and five years later started djing in local clubs and also made his first attempts as a producer.His first track was signed in 2012,Now he lives in Moscow and producing Vocal and Progressive Trance music

Christian B is  a self taught Producer & DJ from the South East of England. he started producing 4 years ago after learning to mix. Trance all started for him in the 90s listening to it on the radio on long car journeys. Ever since he first heard Trance there was something that took him in
He is one of the residents of Angel One, based in England, playing at events across the south of the country. He has various releases over the past couple of years including tracks “And Confused (Original Mix), Park Rex (Original Mix), Outbounds (Original Mix), Ghosts (Original Mix) & more. He aiming to continue producing the genre he loves and to improve day by day

Wisnu Cahyo Nugroho , born on 22nd November 1997 in Surabaya,Indonesia. Born as the only boy in the family , and grow up with 3 older sisters .

As a kid, he wasn’t too interested in music-related matters , he grew like any other kid . In the first year in the high school he became interested in music , and finally decided to form a band, he was the guitar player. In the last year, of highschool he discovered EDM music and got completely interested in it , so he decided to make further studies on it , he wanted to know how it feels to be a dj/producer .His role as a dj started on2015 in a local club after he graduated high school.He started producing his own songs by 2016, using the name Wisnu,  previous to his studies as a law student, at the end of the year he stopped every production activity  for 3 months due to a personal tragedy, since then he uses the name N3O and always wears a mask.As N3O he produces Trap, Hardstyle, and Bigroom house songs, he works on certain events and continues his studies as a law student.

On September 2017 has released his debut ep with I See Tech Records


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