Alche-Beat consists of Panos Tsouroutas & Yiannis Tsilimigras:

Yiannis started taking piano lessons as well as music theory at the age of seven. At the middle class level he stopped his classical music education. As a teenager he played keys in different kinds of bands and started to compose his own music. In the late 90’s ‘Lemon’ magazine, specialized in dance music, included his tracks in its compilation CDs. ‘Life FM’ radio station played at the period these tracks. In 2001 his track ‘Killed Angels’ was chosen and competed with 8 other songs in the Greek final of the "Eurovision Song Contest". In 2003 his tracks ‘Amour Impitoyable’ and ‘Stay’ won the first and second prize respectively among 2000 candidates in the ‘Sing Your Song’ contest organized by the TV station ‘Alter Channel’, Siemens and the ‘Legend’ recording company.

While working as a History and Language teacher, John met Panos, who also taught at the same school as a physicist, and since then they share their common passion about EDM.

Panos is a self-educated musician and composes music by instinct. In 1998 he excelled in the international Music Contest ‘Get out there’ with his track ‘Mayhem’. His background in Physics and his PhD thesis in Semiconductor Physics helps him view music production from a different angle and catch up on to the latest of music technology and keep his sound afresh.

In 2013 Yiannis and Panos formed Alche-Beat and ‘Addicted2Bass records’ released their track ‘Free Europe’.

In 2015 "Simple Ghost Music"
released the Future House track "Silent Noiz" featuring Maria P on vocals and the Big Room track "Mind Bending".

In 2016 "Skye Energy Deep" released their track "Aegean Sea", a tribute for the innocent refugee children victims drowned at the Aegean Sea. In September "Skye Energy Records" released their atmospheric deep house vocal track "When I Think of U" & their wobble bass house vocal track "The World Can Change".

In 2017 Alveda Deep released "Med Colors" a kind of Tropical House but with sounds from Mediterranean and Middle East with a “trip-y” feeling that smells like summer and sounds pretty exotic!


Yiannis and Panos keep producing different kinds of EDM and enjoy mixing and matching such genres together.

Sandvik bros. (brothers) are two twin brothers from Norway, growing up doing almost everything together.But it was Roger, who bought and entered the studio the first years using Propellerhead Reason.

After being a dj for 8 years it was time to start creating music on his own.They where born in 1980 in Sarpsborg and grew up with a very musical family.Their parents was playing accordion for many years while their sister was playing piano and fluite. The oldest brother was working in a music store and plays guitar and drums.The twin brothers did not play any of these instruments but started djing in -94.

In 2004 they take a long brake from djing and started to create trance music in their home studio In 2005 they created a remix of the trance artist Lagoona! who was very successfull back in late 90's when the good old was available for unsigned artists to share their free music to millions of people.The remix was of their song "Always in my heart" who they got big credits for by one of the former Lagoona! members. They got air played on national radio with their song "Theme from Femund" in 2006 and got played on a popular tv-show hosted by a radio station called NRK mPtre. They have put out some of their music on their homepage but it is in 2010 they got more serious into their production.They started entering remix contests, and their first remix was of Nordic Ray - Summer breeze. Then following up by remixing two songs by Lionex feat. Gonna.But there was in the remix contest for the well known artist Ace of Base they started to get som really great feedback for their work.they came 24 out of 150 remixers! Then they got contacted by the artist Daji Screw who was running a remix competition trough Be-nice Records USA who they won out of 101 remixes! The winning price was a record deal with Be-nice Records USA.They released their first single called Sky on this label and you can listen to it on Spotify (Sandvik bros. - Sky)July 2012, signing of the Be-nice Records due to private issues.

After 2012 they got more into using time in the studio to go deeper into creating their own sounds and this material is soon to be released.


MK is a dj producer from Denmark.and he has been participated in nummerous electronic music events and festivals!

Niko is a passionate music producer from Finland. Having produced music for about 4 years, he has started to develop his own unique style. Beautiful and chilled out music is what he enjoys making the most, while sometimes creating tracks like Hardtrance and Uplifting Trance that are a bit harder sounding. Niko is only at the start of his music career and hopes to achieve many more great things with his music."

Vind is a 18 year old producer dj from India

Marco vander Graaf is a Dutch DJ .He started in 1991 with his DJ career. One of his favorites in that time was Ben Liebrand, the master mixer of the 80's and 90's. 

As a DJ in many clubs he felt what the crowd wants so Marco always knew how to create a great dance night. Because DJ Marco vander Graaf likes dance music in general and doesn't like to play only one music style, he plays from Deep Groovy House, Edm, Bigroom, Trance. He is not afraid to throw all kinds of music styles in the mix, even  80's and 90's and R&B if the night asks for it.

In 2005 he also made a throw at the Guinness Book of Records with the World's hour record 'non-stop' in the 84-hour mix. He was almost there, 22 minutes short.

Marco started his own music production in 2008 and released his first track, House it up, under the name DJ TAPADO. After that, he didn't have the right information to grow further with his productions, due to lack of resources. So he decided to take a break.

Not only is DJ Marco Vander Graaf known for his DJ qualities, he is also a producer and remixer. He has remixed and produced a large amount of tracks. By 2016, he decided to set the turn at a lower frequency and focus on his producing. His experience as DJ gives him insights into catchy melody lines, which form the basics of his productions that he uses in his styles EDM, Bigroom & House music.

He likes the styles from Armin van Buuren, laidback luke, David Guetta, Rene & Gaston (Chocolate Puma), Martin Garrix, Steve Angello, Ummet Ozcan and Deadmau5.........which inspire him.

After he finished a time-consuming study producing, he has built his own studio in January 2017. Here he produced his own songs under the name Marco vander Graaf. I SeeTech Records discovered his talent and wanted to bring out 5 of his songs.

Marco Vander Graaf´s goal is to get relaxation and satisfaction out of music and productions. He dreams about the day that takes him to the next level. Only the future knows what his path will behold.

If there is one thing you could say about him, his life is controlled by music and it will always stay that way.


Leo Alex is a home electronic producer from Leon, Nicaragua and he has been experimenting music for 5 years , He is always trying to make the music that identifies him and learning all the time about how to improve.

On July 2017 he signed his first professional contract with I See Tech Records.

Hatepens is an 18 year old producer  he lives in New Zealand but he was born and raised in France.  He learned most of his skills from the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand through several courses. He has been working on producing and DJing for four years, which is the time he moved to New Zealand and he has collaborated with a few few House, Electro and Trap artists around his city (Auckland, New Zealand). 

Nes Chavanu (Nestination), born in North Brabant, the Netherlands on 13th of June 1987, is a Dutch record producer of electronic dance music. His passion for music started when he was very young. He used to record all his favourite music from the radio with his cassette deck to play it all day long.


At the age of 18 he started to make his own electronic music and that’s where his journey began. Along the years he has been experimenting with different styles and has developed his own sound. His goal is to make people feel the energy of his music and to share his passion all around the globe.

Drival is a Spanish DJ & Producer (formerly known as Jordi DJ). He began his carreer back in 2000 as resident DJ in Madrid at Vanity club. Since then he’s been resident in several other clubs such as Moma, Vok, Vanila or Lolita Lounge & Bar, and DJing in special nights in clubs such as Arena and private events among others.

Despite enjoying many music genres, Drival’s favourite ones are trance, progressive/electro house, dance and house.

Since 2011 he records and broadcasts a one-hour weekly podcast where the best new releases of the house, EDM and trance scene are introduced. In July 2014 he releases his very first production, “Sapphire”. Later on, “Shooting Star” and “Beyond the Sun” arrived, setting his new standard and proving unique and melodic progressive tunes that shows pretty well how he understands music.


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