Amazigh Lyes Hachemi a.k.a Lyes is an ambitious Uplifting Trance dj producer from Algiers, Algeria

Lyes live for music and takes full advantage of producing and working. His dream is to share his passion with people all over the world.

Lyes discovers Trance music in 2009 and since then his dream was to became a producer.

His career begins in 2016 when his track The fate of Emipes(radio Edit)was first launched by Viorel Ghita in Radio dj One.

In 2017 he signs his first contract in I See Tech Records

Anti-System Syster Server is coming all the way from Bristol Uk, He like to experimenting with lot of differenrt genres as he beleives that electronic music is a unique force.

He is experimenting with instrumental Hip Hop, Trap, Drum n Bass and Ambient while he is not creating music he reads to conspiracy theory books, medidates, and cooks healthy veggie foods.

George Vanakos is the one of the most important underground artists in Greece, he has collaborated with several songwriters and producers from Greece and United Kingdom

In 1978 he was the founder of the greek progressive group Simpigades, also he was the inspirator of Remember the future (Athens – Mykonos).Ath the late 90’s he published There is Future magazine and also was one of the first Garage and Techno event organizers in Greece

In 1997 is the inspirator and founder of Friends Of Art team, a multi sided project which goal is to create art events mixing music performances, video art  and poetry with Fashion, photo, and painting exhibitions.Friends of art events took place in several citied around the globe such as Bangonk, Lille, Milan, Athens, and London.

MArilo is a Songwriter composer from Athens Greece 

Early on she has developed a passion for music when she started playing guitar, drums and piano by ear. she also took Music Production lessons online while since then she has been practising in her own home studio. 

 During 2009, she joined The Mongrelettes Garage rock band as its guitarist and backing vocalist she has also played in various clubs and bars around Athens as a Dj , mostly playing Electro and EBM music. 

MArilo is composing her own electronic music, infuenced mainly from electronic bands like Air, Royksopp, Zero 7 and many more. Her musical preferences include Alternative Rock, Punk, Electronica and occasionally Psytrance.

Titto (Christos G Triantis)was  in Athens,Greece. At the age of seven, he started having organ

lessons and months later he composed his first tune.

Chris has studied Music Production and Sound Engineering and has also participated in

several bands as an organist. His first electronic tune was composed in 1998 entitled Now

you are alone; yet situations led him to be involved in different music genres

During the year of 2008, he founded Fuzz Overdose a record-label releasing Psychedelic

Music. Chris started experimenting with the electronic sound two years ago, which led to

him composing electronic music once again. His love for vintage modular synthesizers as

well as the electronic music could not be forgotten.








Hector "Denoiz" Georgitsis is a music producer/pianist from Greece.

His first album "It's Kinda Fascinating" released on May 2016 by I See Tech 

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