Rick Stones

Living in the UK all his life, Rick has been into music from an early age, listening to a lot of rock and indie and learnt to play electric guitar right into his teens before discovering electronic dance music. Early influences like Sasha inspired him to pick up a copy of Jeskola Buzz and produce progressive house with a close friend before discovering Sony Acid Pro and Fruity loops. As his tastes developed, so did his creative process moving into other genres like electro house and trance. In 2008 he collaborated with another co-producer and formed a new project called DIE.Sekt, which flexed his production skills in Dubstep and drum & bass. He also co-produced and mixed his first album featuring track styles ranging from breakbeat, to house and trance.

Up until today he has focussed on setting his attention on more diverse trance featuring a softer orchestral feel with heavy drops. To date he has featured on several mix compilations in house and trance music.

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