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After a small break November and December comes with a really busy release schedule

24/11/  RMSTM - i hAVE Mixed Sounds About Feelings
28/11   Musharna - Like i Say A moose in The Sunset
01/12   Martin Vosahlo - Escape
05/12   Gweeyom - Forgotten Dream
08/12   Tuszu - All Night, ep
12/12   Leo Alex - Dreamland
15/12   Benny Beats - Pharaoh Awakens
19/12   John Riciil - Dive & Fast Planes
22/12   Grand Cheff - Glitched Go Goa
24/12   Geo Vanakos - Glamour Out Of Chaos

We couldnt expect a better ending for the month October.We are really proud to announce 2 amazing artists with two amazing releases. 


On Friday October 20th Lyes newest track Kiev Syndrome is really gonna Uplift your days and nights also with it's hi nrg vibes.


A week later I See Tech Records is releasing Denis Reukov a very talented producer from Russia.His song we stay alone is an absolutely amazing vocal trance banger.


Both releases are available for pre order through our Beatport

After his very imressive debut release "Follow your Dreams"which it has been maintained in Betport's top 10 releases for five weeks reaching the 2nd position, Drivals hits back with an absolutely amazing Electro-House Banger My Protection. Official release date is October 16th on I See Tech Records

Christian B is  a self taught Producer & DJ from the South East of England. he started producing 4 years ago after learning to mix. Trance all started for him in the 90s listening to it on the radio on long car journeys. Ever since he first heard Trance there was something that took him in
He is one of the residents of Angel One, based in England, playing at events across the south of the country. He has various releases over the past couple of years including tracks “And Confused (Original Mix), Park Rex (Original Mix), Outbounds (Original Mix), Ghosts (Original Mix) & more. He aiming to continue producing the genre he loves and to improve day by day

Flashstorm is the latest release of Christian B a self taught Producer & DJ from the South East of England. The release contains two excellent Trance songs Perplex and Flashstorm and it will be available October 6th 2017 by I See Tech Records

N30 is a talented new producer from Indonesia. He is enjoying producing Hardstyle, Trap, and Bigroom style songs!

His debut release will be out on September 29th 2017 on I See Tech Records

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