Leo Alex comes all the way from Leon Nicaragua.

Control your mind is Leo Alex debut release and contains  two amazing Big Room bangers, Control your mind and All This Energy. They will come out as a 2track digital single by 21st of July 2017

We are really glad when we have the opportunity to help new  and talented producers to leave their mark, so we like to welcome HATEPENS in I See tech Records Family

Hatepens is an 18 year old producer  he lives in New Zealand but he was born and raised in France.  He learned most of his skills from the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand through several courses. He has been working on producing and DJing for four years, which is the time he moved to New Zealand and he has collaborated with a few few House, Electro and Trap artists around his city (Auckland, New Zealand). 


We are really glad to announce the release of Nestination debut album  The Journey.

Nestination is a Musician-producer from Eindhoven The Netherlands composing his own electronic music, since almost ten years

The Journey is Nestination’s debut release consisting of nine self-penned tracks,  which there are a compilation of tracks he made through years.The releases has influenced by many genres such as Hard House, Tech House and Progressive Trance.

 The Journey will be available for digital download by July 7th 2017. The CD version has been planned to come out by the end of  October 2017


Listen to Nestination – Just the right thing

Brand new song from  Bristol based producer .This time Anti SS Server goes Drum n Bass a “traditional” british stuff…This is really good and weird 


Diversity hooligan will be available for digital download by June 23rd 2017

Welcome to the new website of I see tech records. Here you can read all about our artists and their forthcoming events and releases.

In our news/blog section you will be able to read some interviews of our label’s artists and also other news regarding the music scene. From our radio section you can listen to our web radio show “I see tech” and download our weekly podcast.

From our shop section you can purchase our releases, our merchandise products and also releases from other record labels in physical format. This section is going to be fully operational within the next few weeks.

We’d like to thank everyone who supports us in these very first steps, Especially our Artists.


The musical Journey has just begun  

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