Debut digital single Boruta out April 20th

Dakoi is a young upcoming electronic music producer and DJ based in the UK. Born and raised in Poland, he was greatly influenced by local music. With roots in folk, rock and metal, Dakoi's tracks are focused on fusing his love for electronic dance music with other styles. He creates fresh, dark tracks ideal for underground raves, parties and casual listening.


1. Boruta

Flávio Gomes (Pharuk) is a Producer/Dj from Portugal and he is producing Electronic Music since 2008. He started by working on some local bars and discos, and learning about eletronic music, getting close to Techno, Deep and underground music. 

Strings  From Heaven is his newest release consist two amazing Bangers “Strings From Heaven” and “Forest”, it will be released as two track digital single on April 13th  by I See Tech Records


  1. Strings from Heaven
  2. Forest


Euphosonic preferably produces melodic trance and synthesizer music with a touch of dimness, but also sophisticated soundtracks using classical as well as electronic instrumentation.Odyssey is Euphosonic's debut ep out on I See Tech Records.


  1. Dive
  2. Into Darkness
  3. Sphere

Second release for German producer Ka-da, Connected Hearts consists of three excellent Classic - Uplifting Trance bangers.


  1. Starrider
  2. Just You
  3. Flight Of Thoughts

Debut single for the talented Russian producer Val. Inducement is an excellent low tempo Chill Electronica track promising unforgettable journeys  in the future the present and the past.


  1. Inducement

David Kaminski known proffessionally as Ka-Da, is a german record producer and musician. In 2017 he released his first Songs “PHOENIX” and "Knocking on Heaven's Door"under his former artist name Dave van Danse.

In the beginning of his career he was active in the fields of EDM and Progressive Trance, but since 2018 he has been committed to Uplifting Trance. combining today's styles with old sounds.

Timeless is his newest release consists of 2 tracks and is going to be released on March 9th on a digital download format


1. The Hunt

2. Hypnosis


One month after Nick Riedel’s successful  debut “Equinox” I See Tech Records gladly announces the release of his second ep “Ablepharia” Three classic Uplifting Trance tracks which is really difficult not to contain them in your next playlist or set  Imressive beats and basslines but above all and most important melody melody melody…Don’t believe us?..Find out your own

Ablepharia will be released on a digital download format on March 2nd  2018


1. Ablepharia

2. Miasma

3. Antiblastic


Latest release for GEO VANAKOS 2 excelent Electronica-House versions of Wild Beauty.


  1. Wild Beauty(Uk Version)
  2. Wild Beauty(Mykonos Version)

Dj Jovine is a DJ/Producer based in Milan Italy.As a child he started to play the piano but growing up he felt in love with Electronic Music.He has started producing music in 2014 and he is into many edm geners such as Progressive house, Techno, Tech house, Trap , Big Room.He has also Played in some clubs in Milan.On january 2018 has his debut official release with I See Tech Records.

Time is Dj Jovine's debut release and consists of three tech House bangers. The ep is going to be released on January 18th 2018


  1. Titan
  2. Hypnotized
  3. Subsoul

Nick Riedel is a 24 years old producer from Burscheid, a small town near Cologne, Germany. He is been involVing with Trance Music for twelve years, and music producing is an important part in his everyday life as it helped him getting through some tough times.He started to produce his own tracks since 2015 and his goal is to create good music, that people can enjoy.

Equinox is his debut ep release consisted of six own compositions which lead to classic 90's Trance.If you dig Real classic Trance tunes then Equinox is the prefect release for you.Grab it without second thought!

Equinox will come out on January 12th 2018 as a digital ep by I See Tech Records 


  1. Equinox
  2. Heart Is OK
  3. C9b
  4. Midway
  5. Arcania
  6. The Golden Age
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