Living in the UK all his life, Rick has been into music from an early age, listening to a lot of rock and indie and learnt to play electric guitar right into his teens before discovering electronic dance music. Early influences like Sasha inspired him to pick up a copy of Jeskola Buzz and produce progressive house with a close friend before discovering Sony Acid Pro and Fruity loops. As his tastes developed, so did his creative process moving into other genres like electro house and trance. In 2008 he collaborated with another co-producer and formed a new project called DIE.Sekt, which flexed his production skills in Dubstep and drum & bass. He also co-produced and mixed his first album featuring track styles ranging from breakbeat, to house and trance.

Up until today he has focussed on setting his attention on more diverse trance featuring a softer orchestral feel with heavy drops. To date he has featured on several mix compilations in house and trance music.


 Spectral is Rick's debut single and it's going to be releases on January 9th by I See Tech Records







Alberto Garcia (Ormus)is a Producer/Dj from Spain. He is producing Electronic Music since 2005 under the firm Drugstore and Bayonne Music, he was also the co-owner of Cicuta Netlabel.His music has been released on Vinyl and Cd;s format but also digitally through Famous platforms like Beatport.

As a Dj he had the opportunity to be resident Dj in the Famous GROOVE DANCE cLUB ib Madrid in the Sonomascope Session and he has played in clubs like Fabrik, In Code Session having shared the decks with Regis, Surgeon, Takaki Ito, Go Iyama, Oscar Mulero, Preach, Ben Sims, Reeko, Christian Wunsch and Pepo.After his inspiration from Big Open air festivals like Ozora he decided to dedicate his creativity in the Psytrance Genre .

Something Different is Ormus latest release consist of 4 Excellent  tunes.If you want to take a trip in the colorful  forrests of your soul, if you want to keep dancing and trippin around,  then you should grab this Prog-Psytrance masterpiece.



  1. Tibetan Sound
  2. Euphoria
  3. Something Different
  4. Radionic Power



1.Dancing Soul


1. Glamour Out Of Chaos



4.Free To Run

Glitched go goa is Grant-Cheff’s latest release and consists of two excellent Psytrance bangers. Glitched Go Goa and Lady Of Steel. Glitched Go Goa is A Progressive Psytrance song similar to the tends and trends of the genre nowadays. On the other hand Lady of Steel is a Journey in the past, in the good old days of the 90’s. Its noticeable that the current version of the track has been made exclusively for I See Tech Records.We could not ask for more from Grand-Cheff The release will be available as a two track single on December 22nd 2017


1. Glitched Go Goa

2. Lady of Steel (2017 Version)



John Ricii is an Electronic Music producer from Glasgow United Kingdom. Dive & Fast Planes is his debut release and is planned to come out as a two track digital single on December 19th  2017



2.Fast Planes



Benny Beats is a talented young Psychedelic Trance producer from India.His debut release Pharaoh Awakens will be out as a digital single on December 15th 2017  by I See Tech Records


1. Pharaoh Awakens

Hailing from Leon Nicaragua, Leo Alex  strikes back with amazing Electro/ Trance called Dreamland. This excellent new banger will be released on December 12th by I See Tech Records


1. Dreamland

Tuszu is a 23 years old producer from Gdynia in Poland. The biggest inspiration at the beginning of his career had on him Swedish House Mafia and Avicii

 He creates mainly progressive and electro house, but he also deals with house music and uplifting trance. All Night is an his latest ep consists of three Electro House tracks.It will be available on digital download format on December 5th 2017


  1. All Night
  2. Funky
  3. Missing U

Debut single release by The Canadian producer Gweeyom. Forgotten Dream is an Uplifting Trance/Psych Trance tune ,it will be released on December 5th by I See Tech Records


1. Forgotten Dream

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