Martin Vosahlo is a Psychchedelic Trance producer from Prague. Escape is his debut release, an excellent trilogy ready to take you to a journey to the center of your mind.

Excellent Psychedelic Trance banger all the way from Stavanger Norway. Out on November 28th by I See Tech Records


1. Like I Say A Moose In The Sunset

Hailing from the mountains of East France, RMSTM offers two absolutely amazing Hardtrance –Electro bangers “Mermaid” and “Mayday”. This real cool stuff and one of I See Tech Favorites.

 I Have Mixed Sounds About Feelings  is RMSTM debut release and it will be available as a 2track digital single by the 24th of  November 2017




1. Mermaid

2. Mayday

Denis Reukov is a vocal Trance -  Prog-Trance producer from Moscow Russia.

Stay Alone is a track which contain mellow vocal from Selecta girls, power drop and bassline, it will be released on October 27th  as a digital single by I See Tech Records


1. We Stay Alonne

Kiev Syndrome is the latest Lyes  release.An excellent Uplifting Trance song by the talented Algerian producer., it will be released on October 20th  as a digital single by I See Tech Records


1. Kiev Syndrome


After his very imressive debut release "Follow your Dreams"which it has been maintained in Betport's top 10 releases for five weeks reaching the 2nd position, Drivals hits back with an absolutely amazing Electro-House Banger My Protection. Official release date is October 16th on I See Tech Records


1. My Protection

Flashstorm is the latest release of Christian B a self taught Producer & DJ from the South East of England. The release contains two excellent Trance songs Perplex and Flashstorm and it will be available October 6th 2017 by I See Tech Records


1. Flashstorm

2. Perplex


N30 is a talented new producer from Indonesia. He is enjoying producing Hardstyle, Trap, and Bigroom style songs! His debut release will be out on September 29th 2017 on I See Tech Records


  1. Grace
  2. The Savior
  3. Let The Crowd Begin
  4. Nyx

Alche-Beat were formed in 2013 consists by  Panos Tsouroutas & Yiannis Tsilimigras they are producing different kinds of EDM and enjoy mixing and matching such genres together.



Whispering a deep secret is their newest release, and it will be available on September 22nd   2017 on  I See Tech Records


1.      Whisper a Deep Secret(Original Mix)


2.      Whisper a Deep Secret(Nick AG Remix)

Sandvik bros. (brothers) are two twin brothers from Sarpsborg Norway, growing up doing almost everything together.

The twin brothers started djing since 1994 and after 10 years they started to produce Trance Music in their own home studio. In 2005 they created a remix of the trance artist Lagoona! who was very successfull back in late 90's when the good old was available for unsigned artists to share their free music to millions of people.

The remix was of their song "Always in my heart" who they got big credits for by one of the former Lagoona! members. They got airplayed on national radio with their song "Theme from Femund" in 2006 and got playd on a popular tv-show hosted by a radio station called NRK mPtre. They have put out some of their music on their homepage but it is in 2010 they got more serious into their production. They started entering remix contests, and their first remix was of Nordic Ray - Summer breeze. Then following up by remixing two songs by Lionex feat. Gonna. But there was in the remix contest for the well known artist Ace of Base they started to get som really great feedback for their work

In July 2012 they released their debut single called Sky on Be Nice Records (USA).

Stardust is their second official release consisting of 5 own Hi Energy Uplifting Trance compositions. The release will be available on a digital download format by September 15th 2017 on I See Tech Records


1. Anthem No.1

2. Endless Summer

3. Stardust

4. Sparks

5. Freedom

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