Format: Digital Download

Genres: Uplifting Trance

Amazigh Lyes Hachemi a.k.a Lyes is an ambitious Uplifting Trance dj producer from Algiers, Algeria. His career begins in 2016 when his track The fate of Emipes(radio Edit)was first launched by Viorel Ghita in Radio dj

The Fates of Empires is an excellent debut containing three full on hi energy Uplifting Trance songs, it will be available for digital download from the 2nd of June 2017.



1.      The Fates Of Empires

2.      Friendship Story

3.      Be Particular In Life(Ft.Moh Zelda)

Format: Digital Dowload

Genres: Instrumental Hip Hop, Trap, Alternative Hip Hop




Anti-System System Server comes all the way from Bristol United Kingdom he is experimenting with electronic music for years..He usually creates  60’s and 70s music melodies with modern beats and drops, that mixture make Anti sss songs unique and catchy

Taught by lust is a perfect example of what we mentioned above, a 60’s inspired melody  dressed in instrumental hip-hop and trap beats.Welcome to the world of lust…any lust


Taught by Lust  will be available for digital download from the 12th of May 2017


Track listing:

1. Taught By Lust

Format: Digital Download

Genres: House Chill House


A perfect sample of the rolling rhythm of fantasy,sensing the aesthetic feeling and scent of the self.The profound rhythm repeat itself materialising the image of the soul...FORGET the Reality

Format: Digital Download/CD

Genres: Synth-Pop, Electronica, Electro, EBM

Marilou is a Musician-producer from Athens Greece composing her own electronic music, she's also the guitarist of the Greek alternative rock band The Mongrelettes

Borders And Beyond is Mariloo’s debut album release consisting of seven self-penned tracks, in which there are obvious influences by artists like Kraftwerk, Air, Royksopp, Zero 7 and others. Some Ethnic Music references alongside with unique skills and talent in songwriting make this album a strong candidate among this year‘s most promising and interesting Synth Pop - Electronica releases.

Borders and Beyond will be available for digital download from the 6th of January 2017. The CD version has been planned to come out on February 26th.



1.      Air Traffic

2.      New Era

3.      Dream Fly

4.      Impatient

5.      We Are Electric

6.      The Club

7.      Persian Spirit


Format: Digital Download/CD

Genres: Techno Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Hardtrance, Electronica, Trap

Oldskool And Out Of Time is Titto's debut release .The influences of 90's Techno - Trance but also Electro and more modern genres like Trap and Future bass are obvious in all of the 8 songs of this ep. .If you need a change and you you really fell nostalgic about 90's pure sounds then Titto wont let you down!Oldskool And Out Of Time is scheduled to be released in two different formats, as a digital download at October 17 and on CD format around March 2017


Format: Digital Download

Genre: Techno Trance, Hard Trance

Now you Are Alone is Chris(Titto) first electronic music song ever created.This is the new version as the original one has been lost somewhere between the large forrests and the DIY Rave Parties of the 90's.Manipulation Power is a new composition which leads us back to 1996 .It's a revival stuff...but really who cares...It's really a good sounding track!!!

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